In a trendy restaurant, a friendly dental surgery or a cheerful store. Upofloor has a large range of flooring solutions for public spaces. For some of the floors, the focus is on withstanding tough wear and tear, for example in healthcare facilities and schools, while others have been given special qualities for use in industrial premises. 


Upofloor manufactures much more than plastic floors. They create a sense of openness, reassurance or creativity when you enter a room. Upofloor enables you to use well-considered design to create interesting and positive spaces, which make the visitor think that “someone’s really given this some extra thought”. 


Finnish flooring innovation since the 1950s

The name Upofloor has a long history behind it. Work began back in the 1950s to achieve the dream of the founders: to offer Finland the plastic flooring of the future. The world has changed since then. Plastic is no longer a novelty. There are, however, many ways of using the material in innovative ways from an aesthetic perspective, and many ways of optimising the material to perform better and be suitable for a society in which environmental awareness is important. 


Upofloor’s product development focuses on following the growing demands for flooring materials, in order to create the cleanest possible indoor air and to be in line with sustainable approaches to building. Among other things, they are striving to minimise resource utilisation during manufacturing and operation. 


Choose an eco-friendlier floor

Upofloor promises smarter, greener and more durable flooring. Are you working on a project, perhaps for healthcare facilities, schools, offices or other public spaces where more modern plastic would be an advantage? Check out Upofloor’s collections and discover all of the opportunities created by their design solutions. Get in touch with us if you have a question.