Privacy Policy

Your personal data and how we process it

It is important for us that you feel secure with Ehrenborg as a supplier and at the same time that you feel secure in sharing your personal data with us. On this page you can read about which personal data we save and why. It all takes place in a secure, legal way in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When we refer to personal data, we mean the data about you that we collect and save when, for example, you visit our website or have contact with us that can directly or indirectly identify you. We use this data so that we can meet our commitments and deliver our services to you, to provide you with information about our products and services and to help you as a visitor to our website.

This privacy policy describes Ehrenborg’s processing of your personal data and applies when you use Ehrenborg’s services or are in contact with us in any other way. In order to be able to provide you with our services, we need to process your personal data.


How personal data is collected

  • You contact our employees at Ehrenborg. For example, sales staff, Support or Order.
  • You subscribe to our newsletter.
  • You visit our website. Data is collected via small text files, known as cookies, which collect information from your browser about your visit to the website in order to enhance your experience.
  • You order product samples or other materials from our web shop.
  • You register to take part in a training course, an event or other meetings.
  • You visit our office or come into contact with us in some other way, e.g. during a customer visit or at trade fairs.
  • You buy products from us.
  • We collect data from other sources. For example Creditsafe i Sverige AB for credit reports.

The exact nature of information we collect about you depends on which of our services you use. It is therefore your specific interaction with us that determines which data we collect. Examples of personal data that we might collect are name, phone number, postal address, email address, history of ordering samples and making purchases, and any other information you choose to disclose when you are in contact with us at Ehrenborg.


Processing of personal data

Ehrenborg has the right to process the personal data required to fulfil our obligation towards you. Or if you have given your consent to our processing of your data. Ehrenborg may also need to process your personal data because of requirements in law or ordinances.

Your personal data is used by Ehrenborg and Ehrenborg’s processors. We do not disclose personal data to other companies unless we need to do so because of law, ordinance, government decision, to protect our rights or to be able to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer. We never pass on, sell or share your personal data for marketing purposes to any third party outside Ehrenborg.


Storage of personal data

Personal data is stored for as long as there is a need to store it in order to fulfil the obligations for which the data was collected or for as long as the law or other regulations require the personal data to be stored. This may be, for example, to meet bookkeeping and accounting requirements.


Your rights

You have the right at any time (once a year free of charge) to request information about which personal data we have saved about you. If your personal data at Ehrenborg is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that it be rectified or erased.  We cannot erase data for which there is a statutory requirement to store it, e.g. in bookkeeping rules. Nor can we erase data when there are legitimate reasons why the data must be saved, e.g. unpaid debts. You also have the right to data portability. Requests must be submitted in writing to

You can at any time withdraw your consent to letting us use the data for marketing purposes.


Transfer to third country

Ehrenborg only transfers personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA if the country has what is known as an adequate level of protection in accordance with the EU or the EU Commission. Of if this has been specifically stated in connection with your submitting your personal data to us.


Updating of the privacy policy

Ehrenborg amends this policy on an ongoing basis. A new version becomes valid when it is published and made available on the website.

This policy was last updated on 20/05/2018.