Ehrenborg observes and delivers in accordance with ABM 07, General conditions for construction, civil engineering and installation contracts. 

If you have a case for a possible complaint, we ask the end customer of our products in the first instance to contact the flooring contractor who performed the installation. In the next stage, the flooring contractor will consult us for an initial assessment. In more complicated cases, an inspection will take place on site. 

Please attach high-resolution photos and ideally material samples for a quick initial assessment. We would also ask you to complete the inspection record and complaint application, which enable the complaint to be dealt with more quickly and correctly.

If you have any questions about our processing of complaints, you are welcome to contact our technical manager.

Damage in transit

Always check the goods before acknowledging the consignment note. If you acknowledge the consignment note without any comments, it can be difficult subsequently to complain about any damage or missing items. Check the goods to make sure that the correct number of packages has been received and to see whether there is any visible damage to the packaging/goods.

In the event of any deviation, alert the driver to this when taking receipt and ask that the damage be recorded on the consignment note.
If you have made any comments, make a copy before handing them to the driver. Record the name of the driver and the haulage company as well as the vehicle’s
registration number on the copy.

In the event of concealed damage, this must be reported in writing within seven days. Concealed damage = damage that was not visible on the packaging upon receipt, but that was discovered when the goods were unpacked. Save and photograph damage goods and packaging.

In the event of missing goods, please contact Ehrenborg. Ehrenborg does not accept responsibility for any complaints relating to damage in transit that are reported more than seven days after receipt of delivery.

Goods may not be returned, scrapped or repaired until Ehrenborg has given authorisation.