Upofloor manufactures much more than plastic flooring. They create a feeling of openness, safety and creativity when you walk into a room. With these floors you get interesting and positive spaces, which makes the visitor feel that "this is a space someone has thought about". 


The name "Upofloor" has a long story. Work began back in the 1950s to achieve the dream of the founders: to offer Finland the plastic flooring of the future. The world has changed since then. Plastic is no longer a novelty. However, there are many ways to use the material innovatively from a sense of aesthetics. There are also plenty of ways to optimise the material for performance in societies where environment-friendly measures are important. 


Enomer® is the innovative flooring material developed by Upofloor to combine innovative design with care for people and the environment. It contains no PVC, plasticisers, phthalates, halogens, chlorine or heavy metals. Thanks to this, Enomer® contributes to clean indoor air in spaces wherever it is laid. With a slightly raised pattern, the material also provides good slip protection. Enomer® also counteracts bacterial growth and does not produce hazardous hydrogen chloride or hydrogen cyanide in case of fire. 



Upofloor has created a number of flooring collections. Read more about them here. 


Zero. Rien, nichts, niente. There is not a drop of PVC or plasticiser in these floors. The Zero collection is designed to be gentle on the environment and on people. Zero flooring is made of Upofloor's material Enomer®. This together with a manufacturing process in accordance with ISO 14001, makes Zero both durable and gentle. This is why it is a floor that works perfectly in spaces with strict requirements. Use floors from Zero in spaces with strict requirements for safety, for example in healthcare, commerce, restaurant, education and offices. 


The Zero collection contains three product types: Zero Sheet, Zero Sound with impact sound backing and Zero Tile with seamless boards. 



Upofloor, ZERO, PVC-fri
Upofloor Xpression


During the development of the Xpression collection, the focal points were health and the environment, but as the name suggests, the designer's creativity has not been held back. And the desire to protect people and the environment should not inhibit you when you create either. The collection has both boards and planks in several designs. So when an expressive space is what you are going for, look at this collection. Of course, without PVC and plasticiser in Upofloor's own flooring material Enomer®. Use this flooring in schools, shops, care wards, restaurants, offices and other public spaces with high wear and tear. 




Flooring from the Quartz collection are created with natural raw materials such as quartz sand and calcium carbonate. These are basically endless natural resources that give extremely low indoor emissions. With a unique pressing technique, the quartz vinyl plates are adapted for tough stress in public spaces. The elastic and durable structure ensures that the floors can withstand even forklift trucks. 


The plates in Quartz are available in two different sizes and many designs. Use this flooring in stores and department stores, schools, industries and in offices. 



Upofloor Quartz
Upofloor Estrad



In the course of more than 20 years of manufacturing, Upofloor has developed and improved Estrad flooring. The features have been fine tuned to make it top class. The latest in the series of improvements is the TOP Protection surface, which makes the flooring even easier to handle. 


There are a number of floors in the Estrad collection that are adapted for different challenges. Estrad can be used in public spaces, Estrad dB when soundproofing is required, and Estrad ESD when static electricity has to be lead away. In addition to Estrad dB, they all have the same thickness and can be combined successfully. 


Safety Floors

If you are looking for safety floors with high functionality and an attractive surface, you are not alone. The demand for this type of flooring is the reason Upofloor developed its Safety Floors. With options spanning friction rates R10, R11 and R12, and a selection that is specially designed for wet rooms, the collection provides beautiful floors for most spaces. 



Upofloor Safety floor
Upofloor Telon


Telon is a wall cladding for sensitive environments, such as laboratories. This 1.5 mm thick homogeneous plastic cladding can be used on walls, doors, pillars and furniture.


Smarter, greener and more durable floors is Upofloor's promise. Check out Upofloor's collections and discover all the opportunities created by their design solutions. Get in touch with us if you have a question.



Technical documents

Technical documents for Upofloor products can be found on Upofloor website. Or contact our customer service at info@ehrenborg.se or +46 (0)31-86 35 95