Flooring that withstands machines in three-shift operation. Welcoming surfaces in meeting places, with totally unique appearances that last for years. Trelleborg creates flooring solutions that perform in both public spaces and industry. The products are naturally adapted to meet demands for sustainability, design and safety.


Trelleborg offers flooring in a number of dimensions, patterns and shades. Designed for different kinds of spaces, so that you can achieve precisely what you had in mind. Trelleborg supplies rubber flooring solutions that are competitive, as they are easy to install, cheap to maintain and last a long time. Trelleborg even offers a wide range of industrial flooring. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Meeting environmental requirements

Trelleborg works systematically to meet new environmental requirements. The aim is not to alter people’s well-being today, while at the same time not compromising the future for the next generation. Here are a few examples of how they work with the environment:

  • ISO 14021 certified flooring.
  • Floors that contain no halogens, HA oils, heavy metals and phthalates
  • Above all, there are natural fillers in the floors (e.g. chalk and kaolin)



Easy installation and sustainable use

Using water-based acrylic adhesive to lay normal rubber floors is a challenge, as it does not adhere well. But with Trelleborg’s reverse side made of felt, they can be secured (depending on the substrate) using regular flooring adhesive and produce an excellent end result.

Trelleborg's flooring is highly resistant to stains, heel marks and cigarette glows. They also offer a high level of slip resistance. The products are durable, require minimal surface treatment in the long run and are easy to clean. 


Characteristic Checker, with its sheet metal patterned shiny surface, is suitable for stores, offices, universities and many other public environments. With the shiny surface, Checker is a floor collection that dares to take the space and characterize the atmosphere within it, with six powerful and clear colour tones. The floor's surface layer is durable and anti-slip. The intermediate layer muffles impact sounds, insulates and makes the floor comfortable for tired feet. The floors in the Checker collection are flame-resistant, electrically insulating and have many other advantageous functional properties. 

Trelleborg Checker
Trelleborg Checker Stud

Checker stud

Checker Stud fits perfectly in public spaces with intensive pedestrian traffic. With a pastille pattern relief, the collection's floors are incredibly durable, while they also muffle impact sounds and increase standing comfort. Thanks to the underside being made of polyester felt, it is possible to mount the floors with water-based adhesives, which is more environment-friendly. High fire safety, colour-resistant and chemical-resistant - the benefits of Checker Stud are too many to mention here. But in short, it is a stylish and durable floor.

Ask us about Trelleborg

Does this sound like something for your next project? Check out the various shades and collections to find what you want in Trelleborg’s extensive product range. If you have a question or are unsure about the flooring solutions, please feel free to contact us.


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Technical documents for Trelleborg products can be found on Trelleborg website. Or contact our customer service at or +46 (0)31-86 35 95