In Zele in Belgium, textile floors from modulyss are designed, manufactured and delivered. The focus is innovation of unique floor tiles that live up to the requirements set for public spaces. No wonder modulyss is the largest growing supplier of textile tiles in Europe.  


The modulyss design team sets the trends and wants to inspire those who design public spaces. With collections containing a wealth of colours, structures and designs, the creative possibilities grow. By giving the flooring different properties for different challenges, modulyss wants to offer a solution for all projects with textile floors.

modulyss and the environment

modulyss is proactive in its work to counter global warming. Since 2008 they have striven to minimise the carbon footprint by minimising the products' and production's environmental impact. They believe that any effort, big or small, makes a difference. Nevertheless, since they started their environmental work, they have managed to reduce emissions significantly. At modulyss there is a conviction about the importance of doing something about the matter and not leaving the responsibility for the climate to future generations. 



New Shapes

Hats off to 50 x 50 tiles, but maximum creativity needs new forms. Forget squares and discover New Shapes. For this series, six colours from three collections have been selected to be stocked in the dimensions 25 x 100 cm. 


But modulyss has gone a step further in playing with format. All collections are available in dimensions 25 x 100, 50 x 100 and 100 x 100 cm. With different shapes and sizes you can create surprising and memorable floors that take the room to the next level. Of course, you can also still use the trusty old 50 x 50 cm in combination with the new dimensions.



Carpets are natural absorbers of sound, because they are textiles. But with dBack on the back of modulyss's textile mats, noise is further reduced, giving maximum possibilities for concentration and communication in one and the same place. With dBack, the floors are more comfortable to stand on, which reduces muscle fatigue and makes for a nicer room. This option is available for all collections, with the exception of the micro-tufted variants. 


Lots of collections

At modulyss creativity knows no limits, which has resulted in a vast number of collections. Here is a selection.

01 First

This collection has carpets in 22 colours, all in the subtle and elegant theme. The carpet is looped, which means that they are interwoven in a series of uncut loops, creating a soft, durable, and easy to clean surface. 



modulyss textil platta First
modulyss textil platta millennium Nxtgen

03 Millennium Nxtgen

These next generation textile plates are future-proof. The material is 100 percent recycled ECONYL yarn, which has been formed into an end result that breathes equal parts innovative design and classic elegance. To preserve the colour as long as possible, the entire collection is dyed through. 



06 Step

The looped textile plates in this collection come in dozens of colours. Great choices make it possible to form exciting spaces for different kinds of projects. Step is a piece-dyed collection, which makes it possible to give the floors a special colour. In this way you can get to the exact nuance you are looking for. For example, if you are doing the decor of a company and want to clad the floors in the brand colours. 



modulyss textil platta step
modulyss textil platta Cambridge

14 Cambridge

Cut textile mats from this collection offer a wonderfully soft feel. The fine structure of the carpets in Cambridge is perfect for spaces where you want to convey a mood of luxury and comfort. 



20 In-groove


The purpose of this collection is to reduce the risk of dust and gravel from being brought indoors with you. Hallways, entrances and cleaning zones are perfect spaces for carpet from In-groove. By placing the looped carpets here, the lifespan of the floor is preserved. It is best to place them in spaces that take about six steps to cross. 



modulyss textil platta IN-groove avtorkningsmatta
modulyss textil platta DSGN Cloud

36 DSGN Cloud

This dreamy collection contains 12 varieties of looped carpet, but each one has several shifting shades. The impression they create is dreamy and relaxing, with natural tones such as blue, grey, brown and red.



37 DSGN Tweed

The DSGN Tweed collection breathes cool vintage and industrial design. These eye-catching rugs come in 12 toned down colour schemes that create new trends by looking at the beauty and the concept of retro with new eyes. 



modulyss textil platta TWEED
modulyss textil platta OPPOSITE

39 Opposite

The Opposite collection stands for the simple, functional and minimalist. These micro-tufted carpets bring an atmosphere of elegance to any space in which they are placed. The colour palette of blue, grey, brown, beige and other natural shades captures light in a way that creates inviting and inspiring spaces. 



52 Gleam

With a rich and glossy feel, the soft floors in the Gleam collection create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. The matte and glossy yarns are blended to perfection for a mysterious and full-bodied look. These frieze-cut carpets are perfect for, for example, luxury offices. 



modulyss textil platta GLEAM

Discover the world of floors that modulyss has created.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Technical documents for modulyss products can be found on modulyss website. Or contact our customer service at or +46 (0)31-86 35 95.