Kährs Luxury Tiles

The beautiful luxury tiles from Kährs LT have the same attractive texture and look as natural materials, but are far more practical. A protective layer makes the flooring extra durable. One of the focal points during product development was to retain good indoor air quality. That is why all the flooring are phthalate-free. We also have a PVC-free range. 


Flooring from Kährs Luxury Tiles is a result of the joint strength of Kährs and Ehrenborg. Two flooring companies with a passion for design, and who want to improve with each passing year. With Kährs Luxury Tiles we offer modern flooring for almost any room. If you have a vision and are looking for designer flooring to match, you are likely to find it here. 

Let creativity flow

Kährs Luxury Tiles collections offer a large range of patterns, everything from classic slate and wood, to bolder designs. Mixing sizes, colours and structures works wonderfully to create a floor that catches the eye. Here, we present the four collections.



From the elegant herringbone pattern inspired by wood to rustic design with stone patterns. In this collection there is a wide spectrum of designer flooring, inspired by natural materials of wood and stone. The flooring is 2.5 mm thick, of which 0.7 mm is wear layer that prolongs its life. The floor is installed with glue. 



Kährs Luxury Tiles, LVT, Komi
Kährs Luxury Tiles, LVT, Taiga



This collection is created for home and public spaces where installation must be performed without glue. With the 5G locking system, installation does not get simpler. You can even lay this flooring on top of other flooring. Smart features aside, this collection delivers a beautiful look, durable surface and impact sound back. 




Loose lay is designed to go perfectly in combination with carpet tiles. The thickness of 5 mm ensures that there is no difference in level between the planks. Loose lay is excellent for temporary installations such as exhibitions and fairs. With anti-slip backing, this collection makes it possible to get beautiful surfaces by laying them without glue. But when you want to lay floors on larger surfaces, some glue will be needed for the installation.



Kährs Luxury Tiles, LVT, Redwood
Kährs Luxury Tiles, LVT, Marine


This collection is designed especially for the specific requirements for indoor environments in marine contexts. This IMO certified flooring is installed on cruise ships, ferries and oil rigs. 



Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Kährs Luxury Tiles is LVT flooring, an industry term meaning ”luxury vinyl tiles” and is used to describe beautiful vinyl flooring that is extra durable. In recent years, LVT sales have increased as more and more people discover the aesthetic and practical benefits. Today you will find Kährs Luxury Tiles in both homes and public spaces such as shops, schools, hospitals, hotels and offices. If you have questions about flooring or the LVT material, please feel free to contact us.






Technical documents for Kährs Luxury Tiles can be found on Kährs website under each product. Or contact our customer service at info@ehrenborg.se or +46 (0)31-86 35 95