The Danish supplier Fletco creates textile rugs and plates of various kinds, all of which have a high standard of durability and design. 


Fletco's goal is to control the entire production chain. Although not everything happens under one roof, they want to feel the pulse of all phases as it moves towards the end product. They maintain that it is the manufacturing, rather than the raw materials in itself, that raise the quality beyond the ordinary. Fletco was born in a region known for its craftsman's approach to textiles. They carry with them this background even today, while they work to improve design, environmental thinking and function. 

Modern Art


These custom carpets from Fletco are soft, strong and easy to keep clean. In addition to adding an aesthetic value, they also aid improved acoustics. The effective laminated back makes it possible to cut any shape, without any lengthening.


Fletco's Modern Art carpets can be used in homes and public spaces such as offices and hotels. Anywhere that acoustics and decor are top priority. 


Fletco Bichon


With broadloom carpets from Fletco, you can cover an entire floor. The carpets are delivered in 200 or 400 cm width with either a textile backing or an acoustic felt called Silent Bac. Alternatively, the carpet can be adapted with lengthening to suit particular dimensions. In this way you avoid seams and give the space a uniform appearance. A distinctive feature of these carpets is their durability. Quattro, Chain, Uno, Duo are Nordic are some of the most popular collections. 



Carpet tiles

Fletco manufactures its carpet tiles with a felt backing called TEXtiles®, an innovative material and process that is PVC, latex and bitumen free. With carpet tiles from Fletco you get a flexible floor solution that is easy to handle and adapt. It is also easy to replace the tiles when needed.  


Fletco SPACE

Are you interested in Fletco's carpet tiles or carpets for a project? You are welcome to get in touch for more information.


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Technical documents for Fletcos products can be found on Fletcos website. Or contact our customer service at info@ehrenborg.se or +46 (0)31-86 35 95